About Christopher Kevill

Christopher Kevill is a neo-Vedic astrologer specializing in predictive astrology.  His formal education in sociology inclines him towards an evidence-based approach in astrology.  In his daily practice as a consulting astrologer, he combines the timeless wisdom of Jyotish with a selection of complementary Western techniques.

He first encountered Vedic astrology in 1996 through his mentor, the late Richard Houck. Famous for his predictive accuracy, Houck was an esteemed American astrologer who integrated the fundamentals of Vedic astrology with an overlay of Western innovations.  In the course of his apprenticeship, he learned many of Houck's unique forecasting tools which interpreted the ancient wisdom of the Vedic system into a modern Western language.

Christopher has appeared on radio and written numerous articles for US and Indian astrology magazines.  From 2008 until 2012, he wrote the weekly "Stars and Stocks" financial astrology column for DNA India.

Christopher earned his Master's Degree in Sociology from the University of California, Santa Cruz.  He is currently on leave from his Ph.D. studies at the University of Toronto.  His doctoral research concerns the debate between astrology and science in the modern world.   His focus is on how astrology has negotiated its boundaries with science and, in so doing, has been able to adapt and re-invent itself.  

He is also interested in accounting for the revival of traditional astrological practices against a backdrop of advancing globalization.  This includes the rise in popularity of Vedic and Hellenistic astrology in the West over the past 30 years. It is his contention that these changes can only be fully explained in terms of astrology's search for legitimacy through ancient scientific traditions in light of the ongoing critique from mainstream Western science.  The continued relevance of astrology in the 21st century therefore lies, in part, through its ability to adapt its approach to changes in modern culture and society. 

He makes his home in Toronto, Canada.

His unique hybrid approach to astrology has been discussed in an interview with the Jyotish Star magazine

Christopher's work in financial astrology was mentioned in the Indian edition of the Wall Street Journal.  This article can be accessed here.

He was also mentioned in an Agence France Presse article on the astrology of the 2008 stock market decline that was widely picked up by media outlets throughout the world.   This article can be accessed here, here or here.

Past Predictions

Here is a review of some of Christopher's past astrological predictions.  These predictions largely date from before 2008 when he was most active on public astrology bulletin boards and mailing lists.  At the time, these predictions were all date stamped and hence subject to more objective scrutiny for accuracy.  While many of the lists are no longer active, they are testimony to the potential of predictive astrology.  As Christopher's more recent predictive work has focused more on the financial realm, his predictions can be checked by referring to previous weekly market forecasts.