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MVA Investor Newsletter

The newsletter is published every Saturday afternoon (Eastern Standard Time) and is sent via email.  It covers the US and Indian stock markets along with currencies, gold and crude oil.  The newsletter discusses the changing astrological influences on financial markets and how they may be best understood within a broader framework of technical analysis.  

Please note that this newsletter is not suitable for day traders.  While I will often give probabilities for specific daily directions, these daily predictions have a higher error rate.  The analysis I provide focuses more on weekly, monthly and quarterly movements. 

Given the probabilistic nature of financial astrology, I do make my fair share of errors.  Of course, no single investment approach is perfect so it is best if subscribers use the newsletter in tandem with their own research.  Therefore, I do not include any explicit buy or sell recommendations.  Instead, I give an assessement of the probable direction of the markets across different time frames.  Financial astrology is best used in conjunction with other investment approaches such as technical and fundamental analysis. 

The cost of the newsletter is $30 USD for one month (4 issues) and $75 USD for three months (13 issues).   The first newsletter will be sent to you within 24 hours of payment.  The subscription is set for auto-renewal.  

***Please note that you must use the same email address for both your username for this website and the email address you use to make payment with Paypal.

To subscribe, You will need to login or register and become a member of the Modern Vedic Astrology website after which you can return to this page to proceed to the Paypal site in order to make payment.  


N.B.  Paypal does not accept payment of US Dollars with Indian credit cards.  For the moment, India-based clients can only make payment if they have an international credit card or through bank-to-bank transfer.  For more information, please contact me directly so the appropriate arrangments can be made. 

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Individual Horoscope Reports

The modern practice of neo-Vedic astrology integrates various Western elements including the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, and may also take advantage of many useful western techniques such as progressions and return charts. In my approach, I also like to incorporate these Western techniques to the basic Vedic/Hindu template of the sidereal zodiac, the varga charts, and the vimshottari dasha cycle to create a more robust model of prediction.

My readings focus on predicting the important events and trends in a person's life. I also use the horoscope to assess personality and shed light on essential life direction. All readings are done via email.  While there is much to be said for the dynamics of the counselling session, I find that information can be conveyed more effectively in print. In that sense, I am better seen as a consultant rather than a counsellor or therapist.  However, I do encourage clients to follow-up and ask any questions they might have about my report. 

Since my reports emphasize the forecasting component, I try to be concise and to the point.   Please note these are not computer-generated reports.   I write them up only after careful consideration of all the relevant astrological data.   They generally run between 2000 and 2500 words and take approximately two to three weeks to complete.  Full length reports typically cost $250 USD.  Please see complete price listings below.

Payments can be made through Please note that you must first contact me if you are interested in getting a report.  You cannot order a report directly off this site.  Once I have agreed to do a report for you, then I will provide my Paypal account details.    

Here are some of the issues I like to focus on when interpreting a horoscope:

Investment and Speculation

  • If analyzing a stock, ETF, or currency horoscope, forecast most likely times and duration of price rises and declines and key turning points.
  • Assess client's speculative profile in advance of making any concrete money-related suggestions.
  • Identify favourable time periods for investment and speculation in short terms of days/weeks or longer term time windows.

Career and Employment

  • Probable times of career growth including new jobs and promotions.
  • Vocational selection by discovering client aptitudes as revealed by your horoscope.

Love and Relationships

  • Probable times of romance and marriage.
  • Highlight periods of stress and harmony.
  • Assess dynamics in relationships.
  • Identify likely periods that will produce children.

Relocation and travel

  • Evaluate possible residence in different cities/locations for success, wealth, and happiness.
  • Select likely times of relocation and travel.
  • Selection of auspicious electional charts (muhurtha) for travel and immigration

Predictive Report

This can be tailored to fit the needs of most clients on matters of career, relationships, travel and relocation. This forecast analyzes current trends and highlights key patterns and outcomes for the coming year. This is well suited for most people who are uncertain about a current or upcoming situation or who may be contemplating some major changes ahead such as career, relationship, and relocation. $250

Single Issue Predictive Report

This is a shorter report (750-1000 words) that focuses on a single issue that is of greatest importance to the client.  This is a reading that is suitable for clients who are interested in one particular area of life such as career, finances, or relationships.   This is best suited to life situations that require information about the probable outcomes of a particular course of action.  $150

Compatibility Report

This reading analyzes the compatibility of two people for romantic, business, or any other kind of relationship. It points out potential strengths and weaknesses in the relationship as well as recommend strategies for improvement. It may also provide a forecast for future ups and downs between the interested parties. $250

Relocation Report

Ths reading determines your most favourable places to live. While the date and place of our birth cannot be changed, we can do something about where we choose to live. Relocation can be effective way to mitigate negative periods and accentuate positive influences in the horoscope. Using a combination of Vedic and Western principles, I will recommend places you where you are most likely to prosper and find happiness. $250

Investment Report

Option A: Price Forecast If a specific price forecast is requested for a particular stock, ETF, currency, or any other investment vehicle, then I provide the client with a report that outlines general price trends for the next 12 months. I will also include some key dates of probable turning points and possible short term highs or lows. Fees will be based on the number of forecasts required.

Option B: Personal Investment Profile I examine the client's natal chart and give an overview of the investment potential of chart, taking note of sector preferences that might show up in the horoscope. Then, timing issues are addressed paying attention to favourable and unfavourable periods for investment and speculation. The price depends on the preferred time frame and number of predictions provided. $250 and up

Payments can be made through Please note that you must first contact me if you are interested in getting a report.  You cannot order a report directly off this site.  Once I have agreed to do a report for you, then I will provide my Paypal account details.    


Astrology is not an exact science, nor am I always correct in my predictions and assessments. In that sense, astrology is a very human endeavour. My advice also should not be considered as a substitute for professional advice from trained specialists such as marriage counsellors, career counsellors, or financial planners.

By purchasing my services, you are releasing me, Christopher Kevill, from any liability that might inadvertently result from the ideas or suggestions presented in my reports or from any advice contained therein.


Here is what some people are saying about Christopher Kevill:

Although I started out a skeptic, I have learned to pay very close attention to Chris's predictions. With uncanny accuracy he has correctly foreseen events in my life and the life of my friends, such as the week a single friend would meet her husband, the day a job would start (and finish), unexpected financial windfalls, problems with neighbours (even specifically mentioning the problem would be with neighbour's children), he even correctly predicted an "unfortunate conflict situation with authority" that turned out to be jaywalking ticket! He got it right within one hour. I consider his predictions much like the weather report (although, more accurate). It allows one to prepare, and relax, because you realize that much of what happens to us is "meant to be" and the best strategy in life is to be like a sailor and follow the wind.
Susan W. Toronto, Canada

When things might go haywire at work, at least Christopher has usually warned me about it. If he forecasts trouble, the stress doesn't upset as much any more. He has helped me figure out who I am, where I am, and when are the best times for me. The good thing about his forecast is that he isn't just telling me what will happen when, he actually works with me so I can plan ahead to take advantage when the stars are right.
Laura R. Toronto, Canada

Chris Kevill is one good astrologer. He precisely predicted the best job evaluation I have ever received at a time I was concerned that things were going less than well. Chris also warned me of a time of upcoming family concern on the exact day it occurred. By heeding his advice, I could address the issues pre-emptively and take a more constructive approach.
J.I.A. Annandale, USA




FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Since the planets are so far away and their gravitational pulls so small, how can astrology possibly work?
I don't know. I don't pay too much attention to the "how" of astrology. Not knowing the mechanism doesn't bother me -- I'm more interested in paying attention to correlations between the "cause" (even if planets don't actually cause anything to happen) and the "effect." The theory of synchronicity holds that the planets and stars may not cause anything and may only be cosmic gears or tumblers that signal manifestations on Earth. In any event, this case of an unknown mechanism is not an unusual situation in the "hard sciences" either. Until recently, scientists didn't understand how aspirin worked either. And yet they could observe a particular effect (pain relief) upon its ingestion. Not knowing how something works shouldn't preclude us from using it for our benefit.

2. Is Vedic astrology fatalistic? And if it is, what's the point of prediction if I can't change anything that will happen to me? Why bother with a reading at all?
These questions really get to the nub of it. From a western perspective, Vedic astrology looks fatalistic. This is mostly due to the emphasis on predictions rather than personal growth or self-awareness which plays a larger role in western astrology. For example, if an astrologer says you are going through a tough time in a relationship, then there is a certain amount of inevitability in that statement. (it's worth noting that the astrologer could be dead wrong, which would be one avenue out of "inevitability") It is not the same as saying you will divorce, however. The prediction alerts you to the likelihood that a time period will feature marital problems and hopefully you can then prepare for it. With this foreknowledge, you can begin to reassess possible weaknesses in the relationship. So an unprepared person may walk into marital turbulence blindly and suffer great emotional pain. In some cases, it might even end in separation and divorce. Knowing that trouble may be ahead, on the other hand, you can open the channels of communication with the partner or perhaps seek professional counsel. Maybe a little foreknowledge helps us develop that much sought-after quality of Buddhist equanimity to the ups and downs (impermanence) of life. This is the basic advantage of predictive readings: to prepare oneself and take action that can minimize the disturbance in one's life (if an unsettling period is upcoming) or maximize the effect of a positive period. In this way, a predictive astrologer is not unlike a weather forecaster. Why get caught in the rain without an umbrella? Conversely, why bake in the warm sunshine in a thick sweater when you could be enjoying the weather more in a t-shirt and shorts? Using the familiar card game analogy, we may not be able to choose the hands we are dealt, but we can play them in a manner of our own choosing. This is the essence of free will.

3. I'm not really into new age stuff and Indian religious traditions. Does this mean I won't benefit from a reading from you?
Not a problem. I'm also not a devotee of the spiritual aspects of Hinduism, so they don't play a part in my readings. I like to emphasize practical, straightforward communication with the person. If I think a client might benefit from performing some remedial measures as prescribed by Vedic traditions, then I will recommend which ones would be effective in improving the client's planetary karma. These might be performing some charitable service, chanting mantras or wearing particular gemstones depending on the planets involved. But it's entirely up to the client to decide which direction the reading will go.

4. How accurate are your predictions? What sorts of things do you usually predict for clients?
Like all astrologers, I make mistakes. But I'm right more than I'm wrong, and if I'm wrong there is still often an element of the original prediction that can be found in the outcome. I like to point out key time periods where a type of event that will occur. For major life events such as finding romance or getting a job, this is most commonly a range of a few weeks. For general readings, it's easier to say if an event will be pleasurable or unsettling, and it is often possible to isolate the realm of life in which the event will occur. And just so you know, I'm not a psychic so I can't specifically predict things like: "you will find a brown paper bag full of unmarked 20 dollar bills on the road at 10.30 in the morning". My predictions are more general, although in that case, I would hope that I would mention "gains" or something like that. I might miss the exact nature of the event, although its essential quality will often be captured at a metaphorical level. Which only goes to show that: 1) I'm by no means perfect and 2) astrology is not an exact science.

5. It sounds like you prefer to focus on prediction and not do basic life readings which describe the person so much. Is this true?
Yes, I do prefer to do predictions because I think I'm better at it than the "life reading". That said, I enjoy reading people's charts where there is a two-way exchange of ideas based on my chart reading. I should mention however that I tend towards brevity in my assessments and this doesn't suit some people's tastes. Since I have more of a consulting rather than counselling approach, individuals seeking a full-blown psychological analysis based on their charts would probably be better served finding another astrologer.

6. As far as I can see, you have no certifications as an astrologer, nor have you studied in India with a guru. Why would I consider employing your services?
Certainly, if you place a lot of importance on those things, then you shouldn't. While many astrologers benefit from the structured educational environment of a course or a guru/teacher, this is no guarantee that they are competent. I have not found certification courses to be a worthwhile investment, especially since courses do not ensure competence but only familiarity with a particular body of rules and principles. This is not the same as being able to read a chart or getting predictions right. As my approach is eclectic, I have preferred to find knowledge in different places -- in books, on the internet, and through personal communication with other astrologers whose work I respect, such as Richard Houck.

7. I've heard that some chart readings won't be satisfactory for the client, no matter how talented or competent the astrologer. Does this have something to do with the incompability of the horoscopes of the client and the astrologer?
You're right -- even the best astrologers can give a bad reading that is either wrong or rubs the client the wrong way. If the charts of the astrologer and the client clash, then you will have a problem and the reading will not go well. That's why I try to ensure that their is a basic "fit" between my chart and client's. If there isn't, then it will be a bad experience for both of us. In situations like that, I would recommend the client to another astrologer.

8. How do you respond to the skeptics' assertion that "predictions" made to individuals can become self-fulfilling prophecies? You know, you tell someone that they are going to get married in July and by so doing, you give them the confidence and energy to make it happen. Or you're only giving approval for what people already want to do anyway.
I think that self-fulfilling prophecy has at least a small role in every prediction where the individual is the agent of his fate through conscious decision-making, say in romantic affairs or career matters. In areas where things happen "to" the person, such as health and accidents (both negative events unfortunately), then the self-fulfilling prophecy dimension doesn't apply. On the day that Mars was transiting my ascendant, for example, I knew that something untoward would happen to me such as an accident or an argument. I went to a picnic at the beach that day and took extra care on my way there. What eventually happened? I tore a calf muscle playing baseball and couldn't walk for a week. No self-fulfilling prophecy there. Where it is a factor, I don't believe it is usually a crucial or deciding one. If someone has been out of work for a year, which is not uncommon these days, if the astrologer can pinpoint the time frame of finding a job very narrowly, then I believe this goes beyond the realm of the person acting on belief alone. No matter how confident a person can be in an interview, many things have to happen for a successful job interview and the winning of the job competition. The position has to be available in the first place which is totally beyond the candidate's control, the interviewer has to actually like the candidate which is only partially within their control, and finally, the candidate has to perform well in the interview process. In the self-fulfilling prophecy scenario, what's stopping the candidate from becoming overconfident and sloppy in the interview because of a favourable prediction from their astrologer and blowing the whole thing? I think it's reasonable to assume that this counterproductive astrological prediction scenario happens at least as often as the favourable one.