Iran election protests

Mass protests and rioting broke out in the aftermath of a contested election result that saw victory declared by incumbent hard-liner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over the moderate challenger Mir Hossein Mousavi.  In an unprecedented move to mollify opposition protesters, Iran's religious leadership under Ayatollah Khameini has agreed to a partial recount of the results.  Just where these protests may lead remains unknown, as a new generation of young Iranians try to seize the this opportunity to bring their country into the 21st century. 

The astrological indications for this uprising is quite clearly seen in the horoscope of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as it was declared on April 1, 1979 at 3 p.m.  The dashas provide the first hint of trouble as the chart began running Rahu-Moon in March 2009.  Rahu is conjoined with malefic Saturn in the 2nd house in Leo suggesting uncertainty or trouble surrounding the speech and communication which are 2nd house indications as well as possible economic losses.  One doesn't want to put too much emphasis on dasha lords which have a long term background influence (Rahu runs from 1993 to 2011) but it's interesting how Iran's economy has suffered in recent years and the current economic slowdown is not helping matters any.  Also more of its citizens are becoming aware of the gap between the official government line and the everyday reality in the street so this is another possible manifestation of an afflicted 2nd house. 

Perhaps more important is the minor period lord Moon which runs from March 2009 to September 2010.  With Cancer rising, the Moon is the chart ruler and we can see that it receives the full strength 10th house square aspect from Saturn in the natal chart.   Saturn tends to be associated with hardship and privations, so one would expect to see some basic sorts of afflictions with the natal Moon to correspond with the current unrest.  To make matters worse for this Moon, the aspect from Saturn is just one degree from exact and so it has more capacity to do damage and it rules the malefic 8th house (Aquarius) of upset, obstacles, and scandals.  Clearly, the Moon minor period is very problematic for Iran. 

If anything, the transit situation gives an even clearer picture of trouble as it is an extremely afflicted chart.  Uranus, the planet of quick or sudden occurrences, is just minutes away from the natal Mars in Pisces in the 9th house of religion and law.  Symbolically, this can mean explosive (Uranus) anger (Mars) directed at religious authority (9th house).  This is an massive amount of energy since Uranus vastly increases the scale of anger and violence that we traditionally associate with Mars. Uranus is going stationary retrograde on July 1, so it is infused with extra incendiary power in the coming weeks.  

Transiting Ketu is conjunct the natal Jupiter in the 1st house and this combination often signals changes in philosophy and underlying principles.  Interestingly, Jupiter rules the 9th house of religious authority in this chart and is exalted in the first house in Cancer, a plausible enough signature for a theocracy ruled by fundamentalist clerics. Ketu (aka the South Lunar Node) is a planet that symbolizes transgressions and change, and is considered a separating or world-denying influence.  Ketu transits to Jupiter, therefore often mark times of legal or religious controversy.  Certainly, the essential principles of the Islamic Republic are being called into question by an increasingly Westernized and technologically-savvy younger generation who are seeking a more moderate co-existence between Islam and modernity.

In addition, transiting Saturn is conjunct the 2nd house Rahu, and this is another expression of failing propaganda as Rahu, the "dragon's head", is a source of deception in speech and is no longer believed by a majority of Iranians in the wake of this apparently rigged election.

The next few days will likely see an escalation of the situation as Venus and Mars will conjoin at 21 Aries in near-exact aspect to the natal Rahu.  This comes exact on June 22.   The question is: will the government back down and re-run the election or might it even be on the verge of collapsing altogether?  Certainly, the chart has a level of affliction that suggests major changes are afoot over the next year or two.  After the Moon subperiod, the Mars period runs from Sept 2010 to Oct 2011 and given the close proximity of transiting Uranus to the natal Mars during that time, Iran is likely going to see continued instability and conflict.  The planets suggest that the least likely outcome is that the protests will just fizzle out and things will return to normal.  I would not be surprised to see some significant concessions to the opposition here.  To be honest, the chart has such a high level of affliction that does not rule out any conflict scenario including "regime change".

Certainly, Ahmadinejad's own chart (October 28, 1956) is extremely stressed as Saturn has recently stationed exactly opposite his natal Mars (21 Leo) but that could still only account for the current crisis, rather than any additional hardship that may foretell his ouster.   I do note, however that Saturn-Uranus opposition will conjoin his natal Venus (2 Virgo) in September so that is likely to spell continued problems for him.   Saturn will station at 10 Virgo in his 12th house in December, so that is another period where he will have many troubles.  Given all these afflictions, Ahmandinejad's days as president are likely numbered.

October will see Jupiter's station (23 Capricorn) on the 7th house cusp in the Iran chart so that could indicate a new period of calm, perhaps involving other countries such as the USA.  Conceivably, this could occur after the establishment of a Mousavi-led government.  Less dramatically, it could represent a compromise third candidate taking the reigns of power.  In any event, with Saturn heading for its June 2010 station (4 Virgo) in close opposition to the Mercury-Mars conjunction in the Iran chart, one should think that we are entering an era of continuing difficulties rather than heralding some happy new day of moderate Islam in Iran.   Therefore I think is more likely that we will see a protracted struggle between the forces of moderation and fundamentalism.  Anyway, let's see how the Venus-Mars conjunction plays out in the coming days so see where the trajectory is going.