Biden health questions raises possibility of President Harris

(11 March 2021) Recent events have renewed concerns about President Biden's health and mental condition.  In the latest incident, while giving public remarks, Biden forgot the name of his Secretary of Defense (who was standing right behind him) and could not remember "the Pentagon" as the building which houses the Department of Defense. While the mainstream media has largely given Biden the benefit of the doubt about these kinds of gaffes, there are nonetheless more questions being asked about his fitness for office.

Last month, I suggested that serious afflictions in President Biden's horoscope in May and June could indicate either a personal health problem or a significant setback in the fight against Covid.  While I'm still uncertain, new concerns about Biden's cognitive decline suggests that the personal health problem scenario needs to be examined more carefully. 

To recap, Saturn is due to station retrograde at 19 Capricorn in late May.  Saturn will thereby form an exact 90-degree square aspect to Biden's Mars at 19 Libra.  In addition, Uranus will be almost exactly opposite Mars at 18 Aries, thus forming a very intense and destructive T-square.  Its effects will likely be worse than usual because Mars rules Biden's 1st house (Scorpio) of the body and self as well as the 6th house of health (Aries). 

It is a very intense affliction that seems likely to coincide with a significant development for Biden personally and likely for the nation as a whole given his role as head of the executive branch of government.  In addition, the disruptive energy of Rahu will conjoin Biden's Saturn around the same time and reinforces the notion of undoing, suffering and 'negative change'.

If Biden resigns, then Vice President Kamala Harris would become president. Astrologically speaking, we should think that Biden's loss should be Harris' gain.  So if Biden is going to resign in the spring and transfer power to Harris, then we should see very positive alignments for her.  And we do.

Not surprisingly, Harris's horoscope is unafflicted by the Saturn retrograde station in May.  However, Jupiter is very prominent in her chart in May and June.  Jupiter, the planet of expansion and reward, will station retrograde in late June at 8 degrees of sidereal Aquarius -- just one degree from her Midheaven (i.e. the unequal 10th house cusp). 

Since the Midheaven/10th house symbolizes status and achievement, transits by benefic planets such as Jupiter usually coincide with promotions, pay raises and new job opportunities.  In this case, the Jupiter transit is significantly magnified because it is stationing on that point for two weeks or more.  This amplifies Jupiter's positive energy so that a major life advancement is more likely for Harris around this time.

Moreover, transiting Jupiter will closely align with her Sun (4 Libra) and Mercury (8 Libra) by 120-degree trine aspect.  The Jupiter station on June 20 will therefore exactly aspect her Mercury, which also happens to rule her 1st house (Gemini) representing the body and self.  Benefic Jupiter will aspect her Ascendant (1 Gemini) beginning in early April and will remain in range for the rest of 2021. 

This is a very favourable influence for enhancing personal profile and self-confidence.  In other words, this multi-faceted transit of Jupiter in Aquarius is exactly the kind of transit one would expect to see in the chart of someone who was going to receive a major promotion. 

The simultaneous affliction to Biden's chart and boost to Harris's chart in the late spring does not seem random.  While we still could see a national setback on the Covid front from Biden's transit afflictions, we would still have to explain why Harris's chart gets strong around the same time.  Possibly, it could be the result of some other unrelated form of recognition or award that she receives.  But I think the more likely interpretation is that Joe Biden will resign and Kamala Harris will be named president.


I don't have a strong opinion of exactly when this is likely to happen.  It seems more likely to happen in this spring, maybe sometime between the Saturn retrograde station on May 23 and the Jupiter retrograde station on June 20.   But I would also not be surprised if the transfer of power occurred at a later date, as the Jupiter influence is very strong for Harris throughout this year. 

As a possible date to consider, I have cast a chart here for May 29 because the Mercury-Venus conjunction that day takes place exactly on Harris' Ascendant.  Even if she isn't sworn-in that day, she could well get the word then that the Biden resignation is imminent.   I will offer periodic updates on this question as events unfold.