Jupiter saves Justin: Canada's Trudeau wins re-election

(22 October 2019) Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau has won a second, albeit smaller, mandate on Monday as voters largely forgave his scandals and personal mistakes.  With the minority win, Trudeau's Liberals will now have to share power with the left-leaning NDP in order to form a functioning government.  The limited victory likely came as relief to Trudeau whose hold on power seemed precarious as a series of scandals and a spotty governing record made defeat a real possibility. 

Trudeau's win was not surprising to students of astrology, however.  As I posted back in March during the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal, I thought Trudeau's horoscope was strong enough that he would win re-election, although he could lose his majority.  That is exactly what has come to pass. 

There were three key configurations in his chart that suggested a winning election result.  First, Trudeau would be experiencing his Jupiter Return in October.  This is a very strong positive influence as Jupiter confers rewards and wishes fulfilled, along with wisdom and "right action".  Jupiter returns to its natal position every 12 years and often highlights a short one or two-week time period of good fortune and new opportunities. 

Also Uranus (10 Aries) was forming a perfect Grand Trine with his natal Sun (10 Sagittarius) and the Ascendant (10 Leo).  Uranus moves very slowly -- just a few degrees a year -- so this Uranus alignment with the Asc-Sun alignment was very likely going to be manifestly positive for him.  The Sun represents the self and the ego, especially in leadership roles.  Uranus acts as a magnifier and is oriented towards projection into the public sphere.  Like the Sun and the Moon, the Ascendant is another significator of the self.   It was a fantastic configuration to have at a key moment in his political career.

Also, I noted that Trudeau's tertiary progressed Jupiter (not shown) was aligned with the progressed Sun and that this Jupiter is due to station direct over the next several months.  This is another powerful indication for career success.  These kinds of progressed Jupiter stations are probably even luckier in their effects than Jupiter Returns.  The timing is looser than with transits but it nonetheless creates a generally positive 2-4 month time window. 

Trudeau is running the Moon-Mercury dasha period which is another favourable influence.  The Moon is in the 8th house in Pisces with Mars and Chiron which isn't great but it does receive a close aspect from Jupiter.  Mercury rules the 11th house of gains and is conjunct Jupiter in the 4th house.  Overall, those are two generally positive dasha lords. 

The outlook for Trudeau seems mixed at best.  The Moon-Ketu dasha begins in December and will run until mid-2020. With Ketu in the 12th house, this doesn't bode well for Trudeau and his fragile minority government.  Troubles involving foreign countries are more likely and a sex scandal is possible as Venus aspects Ketu quite closely.  As it happens, Moon-Venus will be the next dasha period from mid-2020 to 2022.  Venus is with Rahu in the 6th so that also could be mixed for him with a possibility of legal problems involving females.

Minority governments do not adhere to a fixed election schedule so it is unknown when his next campaign will be.  If his government can stay in power for a while, then the Moon-Sun period starts in 2022 and would be a more promising time for him.  Election outcomes before that time look more uncertain.

Weekly Market Forecast

Stocks have moved higher over the past several days on hopes for a Brexit deal and and positive US corporate earnings.   This outcome wasn't too surprising as I thought the Jupiter-Pluto alignment would likely offer some support to market sentiment.  That said, I thought we might have seen more downside than what we got.

This week looks more bearish as Mars aligns with Ketu and Saturn.  The Mars-Saturn alignment isn't exact until Sunday the 27th so that could limit the overall negativity somewhat.  But this week's Planet Transit Index has a negative bias that should give bulls pause. 

With Jupiter-Pluto now separating there could be less positive influence to offset any negative short term aspects.  While I would not rule out a positive weekly outcome, the downside risk seems elevated given this Mars transit.

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