Gaddafi under fire as Libya declared no-fly zone by the West

After Libyan rebels stood on the verge of defeat in Benghazi at the hands of Gaddfai's army, the West has been compelled to declare a no-fly zone over the strife-torn country.  After two days of air strikes from the US-led coalition, most of Libya's air defenses have been taken out and much of Gaddafi's air force has been neutralized.  For all intents and purposes, the no-fly zone is essentially a declaration of war on Libya and brings to three the number of Muslim countries that the US is currently fighting.

In a previous post from late February, I had suggested that Gaddafi might be driven out of a power fairly soon, with late February and early April as the two most probable times.  To be honest, I was starting to wonder if I would be proven wrong in this expectation as Gaddafi began to beat back the rebels into the small base in the eastern part of the country.  I hadn't really considered the possibility that the rebels would need outside help to overthrow the Libyan dictator, but that is the case now.  It appears as if the opposition between Jupiter and Saturn is now the dominant player in the sky after having usurped the previous Rahu-Uranus square.  February's Rahu-Uranus aspect emphasized change and disruption of the status quo and corresponded to the largely peaceful protests demanding democracy across the Middle East.  This aspect is now on the wane and we have a more obviously confrontational setup between Jupiter (the future, expansion, gains) and Saturn (the past, contraction, losses). 

What is especially interesting is how this intervention shows up in the national chart of Libya (Dec 24 1951).  The UN Security Council approved the no-fly zone resolution on Thursday, March 17 at about 7.00 p.m. in New York.  We can see how this was tantamount to a declaration of war on Libya: transiting Mars (24 Aquarius) is exactly conjunct the 7th house and therefore aspects the ascendant which represents the country as a whole.  Of course, Mars is the planet of war.  This position of Mars is doubly important perhaps because Mars casts its 8th house (210 degree) aspect to almost exactly to natal Mars (23 Virgo).  Venus is the ruler of the 10th house of government (=Gaddafi) and it is transiting the equal cusp of the 6th house of conflict suggesting that he himself is subject to significant opposition.   The afflictions from the slower moving planets are still in play here as transiting Saturn (21 Virgo) is still conjunct its natal position alongside Mars while Uranus (6 Pisces) squares the Sun.  Uranus is a planet of sudden changes and its aspect with the Sun (government) is perhaps one of the most fundamental reasons for the undermining of Gaddafi's authority at this time.  The Rahu-Sun conjunction was instrumental in the initial uprising but this energy is diminishing now as Rahu moves away.

I still think that the time around the Mars-Uranus conjunction on April 4 could be pivotal in the battle for Libya and this should be very damaging to Gaddafi.  As I noted in February, this will closely square the natal Sun in this chart and suggests a time on intense pressure on government and leaders.  Although this is a powerful affliction, it's unclear if it will be sufficient to correspond with the removal of Gaddafi.  I think his defeat is the most probable outcome here, but I'm not as sure as I would like to be.   If I'm backtracking a bit here, it's because I wonder if there is now enough time to beat Gaddafi from his stronghold in Tripoli by this April 4th date.  Also, I'm looking down the road in this horoscope and the late summer period does not look good.  Tr. Uranus will come back to square the Sun again while Saturn will likewise turn retrograde and conjoin the Mars-Saturn conjunction.  And by September, transiting Ketu will conjoin the 10th house suggesting unstable situations involving government. 

It's also worth noting that the Libya chart will begin its Sun minor dasha period in July.  This may serve to underline the importance of the transits to the Sun and put extra emphasis on the situation of the government.  Of course, this late summer time period may not have anything to do with Gaddafi if he is chased from power in April; it may simply reflect troubles with any new rebel government.  Perhaps it's best if I put it this way: if Gaddafi is somehow not defeated in early April, then there is a significant chance that he will hang on until August.  Practically speaking, however, it seems very unlikely that he and his paid mercenaries can hold out that long against the combined might of the air power of the most powerful countries in the world.  The astrology of the situation would seem to support that view, so the early April time frame could be a critical turning point in this latest US war effort.