GOP introduces new AHCA health bill to replace Obamacare

(8 March 2017) Amid a circus-like atmosphere in Washington, DC marked with wild accusations, calls for investigations and a simmering sense of chaos, the Trump administration and the GOP finally announced their plan to replace Obamacare.  The American Health Care Act (AHCA) was unveiled by Speaker Paul Ryan as a plan which would eliminate the controversial individual mandate and reduce costs without compromising the nation's quality of health care.  So far, there has been strong criticism of the proposal by both left and right wings of the Republican Party with the Democrats rejecting it outright.  The right wing opposition may well be more salient to this equation as their votes could be more important for the bill's passage in the House of Representatives.  Many political observers are skeptical the bill can pass in its present form, if at all.

So the question for us this week is: will Obamacare really be repealed by this less-than-perfect GOP proposal and if, so, when?  There may be a few ways to look at this question astrologically but I think the most direct way would be to look at the horoscope of Obamacare itself which was signed into law at 11.56 a.m. on March 23, 2010.  When that chart comes under intense affliction, then we should assume that it is being replaced by a new health care law.  In that sense, the "death" of Obamacare should manifest as multiple simultaneous afflictions of the highest order.   However, if we can see favourable alignments in the Obamacare chart, then the new replacement bill may be seen to be running into legislative roadblocks which may allow Obamacare to remain intact. 

We can see that the introduction of the rival American Health Care Act occurs in a somewhat difficult alignment in the Obamacare chart.  The Lunar Nodes, Rahu and Ketu, form exact trine aspects to the Ascendant/Descendant.  As a reflection of the Vedic understanding of the Lunar Nodes, Ketu's 120 degree aspect to the Ascendant symbolizes sudden change and disruption of the status quo.  This is pretty much true as the writing may be on the wall now for Obamacare since the GOP control both houses of Congress and the White House. 

Instability and change is also indicated through the transiting conjunction of Sun and Mercury at 22 Aquarius which lines up exactly with the natal Ketu (South Node) at 23 Gemini.  It is indeed appropriate that both these fast-moving planets should align with the symbolic outlet for adaptation and change on the very day that Obamacare's existence is called into question for real.  What used to be purely theoretical and political has finally become a very real possibility.

More generally, transiting Saturn (3 Sagittarius) is approaching its retrograde station in early April while it is broadly opposite the Ascendant (9 Gemini) and squaring its natal position at 7 Virgo.  This two-year Saturn transit through Sagittarius was always going to be stressful for Obamacare as it set up hard aspects to both the Ascendant and Saturn.  Each of these aspects individual would be enough to call into question Obamacare, but together it strongly hints that end may well be in sight. 

However, once Saturn turns retrograde in April, it may relieve the pressure on Obamacare, as if the new plan may run into opposition and get stuck in Congress for a while.  I'm not sure if it will coincide with a failed vote but it seems unlikely to pass quickly.  It's interesting to note that the Obamacare chart is currently running the the Rahu-Venus dasha period just as Venus, the key factor in that pairing, has turned retrograde just four days ago. The GOP replacement bill therefore occurred just as this minor dasha lord ruler had weakened through its retrograde motion.  Obamacare will likely remain under threat for the duration of the retrograde period of Venus.  A particularly vulnerable period may be early April may transiting Venus opposes natal Saturn and Mars aligns with natal Rahu.  Perhaps this represents a successful vote in the House in early April.  That is one scenario at least. 

But time is of the essence for this bill.  If I was advising the GOP, I would urge them to try to take both votes in the House and the Senate before Venus turns direct on April 15th.  Once it goes direct again, I think the fortunes of Obamacare will rise.  As Saturn retreats into Scorpio again during the summer, it could breathe new life into Obamacare as the new bill founders.  Alternatively, we can imagine a scenario whereby the AHCA plan is opposed on legal or constitutional grounds even if it manages to pass both houses of Congress.  This summer period would be a possible time when that legal opposition could occur.  Jupiter is also due to station in June in close aspect to natal Mercury which will help Obamacare in some way, either through obstacles encountered by the new AHCA or through rising popularity of Obamacare. 

If the GOP fails to pass the bill in April, then it may have to wait until 2018 before it comes into law.  By that time, transiting Saturn will be further into Sagittarius and therefore in a much closer opposition to the Ascendant and square to natal Saturn.  Moreover, Saturn will station direct at 8 Sagittarius in early September 2018.  It's as nasty a transit as one can imagine.  Also the nodes Rahu and Ketu will move close to their respective house cusps which is usually stressful.  And Uranus will be square the natal Mars just to add the intensity of the crisis for Obamacare.   It seems too much for the chart to bear.  The AHCA, in whatever form it finally takes, may well be passed into law at this time.

Therefore, I would be surprised if Obamacare isn't finally repealed and replaced by the time of this Saturn direct station in September 2018.  Interestingly, it will also coincide with the Saturn-Sun dasha period which begins in January 2018.  The Sun is a more problematic planet in the Obamacare chart since it is opposite Saturn.  Its minor dasha period is therefore more likely to coincide with problems.  This is another reason why I think it may take several months if not another whole year to replace Obamacare. 

Weekly Market Forecast

Meanwhile, stocks markets stayed strong for another week despite the growing likelihood of a Fed rate hike next week.  The Dow hit 21,000 last week on positive reaction to President Trump's more moderate speech to Congress.  The strength was not unexpected around the time of the early week Mars-Jupiter-Uranus alignment as I noted in last week's market forecast some larger moves were more likely.  And not surprisingly, we did see some negativity enter the market later in the week on the entry of Mars into sidereal Aries.  Indian stocks have been somewhat less positive as a Fed rate hike may create more difficulties for emerging markets.  Nonetheless, the Sensex is still just a stone's throw away from 29,000 after Wednesday's session. 

The rest of this week looks fairly bullish as Mercury and the Sun align with Jupiter later in the week.   I would not expect a rise as large as last Wednesday's, however. Jupiter may well be losing strength here as it begins to separate from Uranus.  Early next week looks more troublesome as Mars aligns with Rahu, the North Lunar Node, as well as Mercury.  This could reflect a negative market reaction to Janet Yellen's Fed announcement on Wednesday, although we could see some pessimism manifest before Wednesday also.  With the market long overdue for at least a pullback, I think the planets are finally aligning here in March for that to occur. 

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