The Covid second wave takes hold

(21 October 2020)  It would seem the second wave of Covid-19 is now underway.  The number of infections and hospitalizations are spiking across the world as the coronavirus makes its much-anticipated return with the arrival of cooler weather in the northern hemisphere.   As an indicator of the spread of the virus, positivity test rates are now as high as 10% in the US, UK, France and India while most East Asian countries continue to keep the pandemic under control. 

Certainly, the experts had predicted a second wave since people tend to congregate indoors more with the fall season.  Nonetheless, this autumn second wave also validates my previous astrological assessment using the chart of US president Donald Trump as a proxy for the United States.  In a previous post from May 5, I suggested that the ongoing afflictions to Trump's horoscope indicated the likelihood of a second wave in late September, with a possible third wave in December. 

The nation's health is seen through the condition of the 1st house (the national 'body') and the 6th house (health), as well as their house rulers.   The Sun rules Trump's 1st house so the recent transit of Rahu (North Lunar Node) to his Sun in September would manifest as an affliction to the nation's vitality.  The more important transit would be Saturn and its opposition to Trump's Venus-Saturn conjunction in his 12th house.  With Leo rising in his chart, Trump's 6th house of health contains the sign of Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn.  Therefore, any aspects involving his Saturn (at 0 Cancer) would likely coincide with troubles relating to this pandemic.  Saturn stationed at 1 Capricorn on September 29 -- just one degree from exactly opposing its natal position -- and we have seen the outbreak worsen considerably over the past few weeks.

And with Saturn transiting Trump's 6th house of health for several more months, it seems unlikely that Covid will be brought under control soon.  Transiting Saturn is due to conjoin his 6th house cusp (6 Capricorn) in December.  This could well see another peak of infections and concerns about the virus, although we should note that Jupiter will also be there at 6 Capricorn so that could indicate a mitigation or some kind of 'light at the end of the tunnel' effect, either through infection controls or a vaccine. 

UK Covid second wave

We can also see this Covid second wave in other national charts.  The horoscope of the UK (January 1, 1801) shows the pandemic manifesting as afflictions to key natal planets by malefic planets.  With Virgo rising, the national well-being is seen through the ruler of the 1st house, Mercury.  Mercury has been conjoined by Ketu (South Lunar Node) in recent weeks at the time when infections were rising sharply.  The UK has entered a second lockdown this week in order to arrest the spread of the virus. 

The other key factor here is the role of the transit of Neptune.  In Western astrology, Neptune is associated with illness and weakness, especially when it is in hard aspect (0,90,180 degrees) with a key natal planet.  It is not surprising then that we find Neptune (24 Aquarius) placed in the 6th house of health and forming a close 90-degree square aspect with Mercury, the ruler of the 1st house.  Moreover, the Neptune-Mercury square has been in effect throughout 2020 and is one central astrological reason why the pandemic has hit the UK so hard.

Looking ahead, I would expect this second wave to abate somewhat by late November and early December as Ketu will slip past the UK's natal Mercury.   Moreover, I would expect further improvement as Jupiter transits into Capricorn by January.  Jupiter will cast its helpful aspect upon the Virgo Ascendant and should provide a substantial boost to national health and national confidence. This may be the result of better control of the virus or an effective vaccine becoming available.  Despite the likely improvement, the virus will remain an area of ongoing concern as long as Neptune is square to natal Mercury. This alignment will remain within range until spring 2021, with a possible return in the fall of 2021 when Neptune turns retrograde.

Weekly Market Forecast

Stocks have generally moved lower over the past week on fading hopes for a US stimulus bill.  This negative bias was in keeping with expectations given last week's tense Sun-Mars-Ketu-Saturn alignment.  This week hasn't seen much improvement with the Mars alignment with Jupiter and Neptune. 

The outlook doesn't look especially bullish for the coming days.  While some short term upside is still quite possible, the entry of Venus into sidereal Virgo on Friday, October 23 introduces a new bearish influence upon collective sentiment in the near term.  As it happens, the US election on November 3 will take place while this bearish transit is still in effect.  This suggests that any gains are likely to be modest and unsustainable. 

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