Saturn threatens Biden's honeymoon

(6 May 2021) By all accounts, Joe Biden has taken firm control of the reins of power in Washington, DC during his first 100 days in the presidency.  Biden has overseen the successful vaccine rollout and authored bold stimulus and infrastructure proposals worth more than $5 Trillion.  The infrastructure plan is also designed to tackle growing inequality by raising taxes on the wealthy while making improvements in education and housing that benefit lower income people.  

Despite the usual partisan criticisms, these initiatives seem fairly popular so far with Biden enjoying a 53-41 approval rating.  But as history shows, the honeymoon of new presidents doesn't last forever.  In Biden's case, I suspect that things may take a turn quite soon. 

As I have noted previously, Biden is likely to have to face some very challenging situations here in the month of May.  There are several simultaneous afflictions to his chart that suggest these will not be handled easily or routinely. 

Most significantly, Saturn is due to station retrograde on May 23 at 19 Capricorn and form an exact square aspect to his Mars (19 Libra).  The opposition from Uranus to the Mars only serves to intensify this affliction.   Due to its rulership of Biden's 1st and 6th houses, Mars symbolizes health and vitality, both of Biden personally as well as the country as a whole. 

This Saturn affliction to his Mars therefore could manifest as a health challenge, including a possible setback in the Covid pandemic.  I have previously suggested that the serious nature of these aspects could ultimately threaten his tenure as president at some point in 2021, possibly as soon as June.

In addition, Rahu (North Lunar Node) is conjunct Biden's Saturn (16 Taurus).  This is often a negative influence that can represent a disruption (Rahu) of norms, traditions and structures (Saturn).  Some of the contours of this situation could begin to manifest early next week as Mercury will also conjoin Rahu and natal Saturn. 

Next week will also see transiting Mars participate in this Saturn alignment as it is due to exactly align with Saturn and the natal Mars on May 14.  This is another potentially significant time window for events to unfold. 

While I have highlighted health and pandemic concerns, I would also note that the horoscope of China is quite afflicted here in May also.  The Saturn retrograde station will be within two degrees of natal Mars (21 Cancer) while the transiting Mars (19 Gemini) will cast its exact square aspect on the natal Mercury-Neptune-Ketu in the natal chart.  Given the recent tensions between China and the West over Taiwan, the Uyghurs and other issues, it is quite possible that new tensions could emerge around the time of these transits.

Weekly Market Forecast

Stocks have generally moved sideways in recent days.  Inflation worries have been largely offset by the broadening vaccination program around the world despite ongoing lockdowns in India, Europe and Canada.  Last week I suggested that May could begin an a sour note given this past Monday's Sun-Saturn square.  As it happened, however, the selling actually took place a day later on Tuesday although the market has largely recovered so far this week. 

Next week's planets suggest an elevated downside risk.  The Mercury-Rahu conjunction aligns with Mars on Monday and Tuesday while Mars casts its 8th house aspect to Saturn on Thursday and Friday.  Both of these patterns seem likely to correspond to some declines. 

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Biden photo: Gage Skidmore