Looking ahead to the Biden presidency

(2 December 2020) With the presidential transition now fully underway, this is a good opportunity to consider the possible contours of a Biden presidency.  No doubt, it will be a sharp contrast to the Trump presidency in terms of style, tone and policy.  Although widely seen as a moderate, Biden is expected to nonetheless move the country to the left through higher taxes on the wealthy and a renewed commitment to environmental and climate initiatives.  But how is the US likely to fare under his administration?

One useful perspective on this question is to examine the horoscope of Biden's inauguration on January 20, 2021 in Washington, DC.   While the exact timing of Biden's swearing-in is significant, the Constitution stipulates that the incoming president assumes the duties of the office at noon.  Therefore, a chart cast for noon on Inauguration Day can reveal some of the significant themes and trends that could emerge over the next four years. 

Overall, the horoscope suggest major changes lie ahead for the US.  The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in an inauguration chart indicate significant reforms and social change.  The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs every 20 years or so and has marked the inauguration chart more recently of Reagan (1981) and Kennedy (1961).  Reagan ushered in free market de-regulation and lower taxes while the Kennedy era marked the beginnings of the Civil Rights movement and other liberalizing trends of the 1960s. 

The Biden inauguration chart suggests changes are more likely to focus on government itself since the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs in Capricorn which is the sign in the 10th house denoting rulers and governance.  Moreover, Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct the Sun, the planetary significator of leaders.  While it is difficult to predict the precise nature of any changes, some possibilities include eliminating the filibuster rule, increasing the number of justices on the Supreme Court, and major immigration reform.

We can see further evidence of change through the Mars-Uranus-Moon conjunction in the 1st house.  While this also signifies change, it looks less stable and frankly, more worrying.  The Mars-Uranus conjunction is almost exact and looks disruptive and even chaotic for the country as a whole.  Mars-Uranus can represent violence, conflict, and accidents and thus there is an elevated danger of major disasters (e.g. earthquakes) during the Biden administration.  A rise in domestic political violence or US involvement in an international conflict are other possibilities here. 

The proximity of the Moon (the people) to Mars-Uranus suggests popular agitation and, sadly, some suffering or a sense of national injury.  Transiting Rahu is due to conjoin the Mars-Uranus conjunction in early 2023 so that is one possible time window when this dangerous energy may manifest.  And we should pay special attention to the sign rulerships here:  Mars rules the 1st house/Aries which rules the chart/nation as a whole.  Uranus is therefore destabilizing the entire nation through its conjunction with the 1st house ruler, Mars.  It is worth noting that there has never been a Mars-Uranus conjunction in the 1st house for any previous inauguration. 

The economy may also be a source of concern during a Biden administration.  Rahu afflicts the 2nd house of wealth, although happily the 2nd house ruler, Venus, is well-placed in the 9th house.  However, Mercury, the planet of commerce and business, is closely aspected by Rahu.  This is a negative influence for the economy.  The square with Neptune (24 Aquarius) is also unhelpful in this respect as Neptune tends to have a weakening and dissolute influence, especially when in alignment with a malefic such as Rahu. 

Generally, the stars do not look auspicious for the Biden presidency.  The inauguration horoscope suggests the Biden administration is going to be tested by some significant challenges during its tenure.  While some changes and reforms could prove beneficial for the US over the long term, the next four years may be difficult.

Weekly Market Forecast

Stocks have continued to defy gravity so far this week as investors anticipated some positive developments from Congress with the contentious stimulus package.  Jupiter's bullish influence is supporting the market here as its key alignments in the Dow and NYSE horoscopes is still within range. 

However, Jupiter's influence is more likely to gradually diminish as it approaches its conjunction with Saturn on December 21.  This could make it more difficult for the stock market to extend its rally. 

More immediately, the Mars-Ketu alignment is due to tighten in the coming days.  The alignment is exact next week (Dec 11) although its probable negative impact could be felt several days before.  The rest of this week could go either way, although the rising Mars influence suggests a growing downside risk. 

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