The battle for the Senate: the Jan 5 Georgia run-off elections

(9 December 2020) With the failure of President Trump's attempts to overturn the election results after Monday's safe harbor deadline, attention is now focused on the upcoming Georgia Senate run-off elections on January 5.  Both Georgia Senate seats are up for grabs and the GOP only needs to win one of them for Mitch McConnell (left) to maintain control of the Senate.  The Democrats under the leadership of Chuck Schumer (right) therefore have to win both seats in order to gain control of the upper chamber and thereby boost Joe Biden's ambitious legislative agenda on taxes and the environment.  Polls suggest both races are very close and could go either way, although the GOP appears to have a slight advantage. 

While I may attempt a chart analysis of both contests (Perdue-Ossoff; Loeffler-Warnock) in the coming weeks, I thought I would examine the charts of the Senate leadership since the outcome is more likely to show up more directly in the horoscopes of McConnell and Schumer.  If the GOP wins one or both seats, then McConnell's chart should be positive.  If the Democrats win both seats and take control of the Senate, then Schumer's horoscope should clearly show it. 

While we lack timed horoscopes here, I would say that McConnell's chart looks better than Schumer's.  McConnell's Venus (12 Capricorn) may be pivotal in this respect as Jupiter and Saturn are approaching a double conjunction while Uranus and Chiron are also in auspicious and close alignments. Moreover, if the location of the Moon (11 Aries) is approximately accurate (for a midday birth) then these aspects should provide an additional benefit to McConnell and the GOP on January 5 since all those transits would energize not only Venus but the Moon as well. 

Chuck Schumer's chart looks less positive overall.  To be sure, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction does align with his Venus (10 Scorpio) but by sextile (60 degrees) and not by the stronger conjunction.  It's good, but it seems to be not as good as McConnell's transit set up.  The other concern for Schumer is that there is a lot of Mars energy in his chart in the first week of January.  Transiting Mars aspects his Sun by 8th house aspect (210 degrees) and the Sun conjoins his natal Mars.  In some instances, this strong Mars energy can reflect intense situations without necessarily dictating bad outcomes.  But Mercury is aligned with Ketu, the South Lunar Node, on election day which is a more difficult placement.  Given these somewhat difficult transits, I think the GOP is more likely to win at least one seat in Georgia.

I will try to revisit these Senate elections by a closer look at the charts of the candidates themselves in the coming weeks.  But for now, there is no compelling astrological evidence to expect the Democrats to take control of the Senate in January.  The default position therefore remains divided government with the Democrats controlling the White House and the GOP controlling the Senate.

Weekly Market Forecast

US stocks declined today (Wednesday) as stimulus talks broke down once again.  While stocks remain bullish here, today's decline hints at rising volatility.  This volatility may well be reflective of the bearish Mars-Ketu alignment that I have noted in previous posts.  The Mars-Ketu alignment is now within range where it is more likely to coincide with falling markets.

The Sun is due to conjoin Ketu on Friday and thus provide an added measure of energy to its alignment with Mars. While all outcomes are possible, this alignment carries added downside risk.  The slower-moving Mars and Ketu will remain in alignment next week with Mercury conjoining Ketu early in the week.  This is another potential source of volatility as Ketu symbolizes interruptions in the status quo, often in a sudden or unexpected way.  

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